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     Stalker Hunting Suppressors     

Stalker suppressors by Mac's Gunworks LLC are rugged Titanium and Stainless steel suppressors designed for hunting. 

  • Yes           -Suppressors are currently legal for hunting in 38 states.

  • Yes           -Suppressors are NFA regulated.

  • Yes           -Under federal law, individuals may own suppressors. (always check your local laws)

  • Yes           -Must be purchased through FFL/SOT dealer in your state.

  • Yes           -We help you fill out all the needed ATF paperwork

  • Wow         -We transfer to your FFL/SOT for free!

  • Boo hiss    -You must pay the ATF a $200 "tax stamp" per suppressor.

  • Ouch         -Even a single gunshot can permanently damage your hearing.

  • Oh Yeah!   -These cans work awesome!! Come visit for a demonstration today!

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